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Sep 7 2018

Online MBA Program

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Master of Business Administration

A Highly Competitive MBA Program, Without Compromise

UOnline’s MBA program is designed for those students looking to complete a first-class MBA education without enrolling in a full-time, on-campus program. The program takes the best of the University of Miami’s on-campus curriculum and adapts it in an online format. All courses are taught by the same high-caliber faculty members that also teach on-campus.

Customize your MBA

UOnline offers several different options for MBA completion. Students can tailor their degree to fit their interests and aspirations. Your career is uniquely your own. Customize your MBA to match your professional aspirations.

Meet Professor Robert Plant

Online programs from the University of Miami are taught by the same unmatched faculty as on-campus. They re considered leaders in their field, hand selected by us, and committed to giving you the same guidance, expertise, and tools you need to be successful.

So whether you want to inspire a team as a chief executive officer or incubate ideas as an entrepreneur, we re here to help you push those dreams into reality.

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