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Sep 7 2018

List of Criminal Justice Scholarships and Grants

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Criminal Justice Scholarships and Grants

Criminal justice scholarships and grants get you started on the path to a righteous career. If you want to be part of the legal solution, a criminal justice degree gives you the preparation and training you need.

What Is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice cover a broad field encompassing many including law, criminal investigations, criminology and law enforcement. As a criminal justice major, you learn how to apply the law in your career of choice. Criminal justice scholarships help pay for the educational requirements to get the legal job you want.

What Are Your Goals?

There are many possible paths to take with a criminal justice degree. Do you want to become a police officer? Are you more interested in police investigations? Do you wonder why and how people commit crimes? Are you scientifically inclined to study evidence? Would you like to handle the administrative aspect of legal proceedings? Select a criminal justice major based on your strong points. Criminal justice scholarships help pay for all or part of your educational costs.

What Qualities Do I Need To Pursue A Criminal Justice Career?

Good organizational and observational skills are essential for most criminal justice careers. To earn criminal justice scholarships, you should maintain good academic and behavioral grades in school. Volunteering in the community and extracurricular activities at school are also important ways to get noticed for criminal justice scholarships. An active, cooperative student is a viable candidate for criminal justice scholarships. If you are driven by justice and the desire to help, you will enjoy a criminal justice career.

What Careers Are Available?

Criminal justice scholarships help you prepare for a world of possible careers in this fast-paced field. Do you want to work behind the scenes, hands on or in a position of authority in criminal justice? Would you prefer to be in a courthouse, office or in the field? Here are just a few career possibilities for criminal justice majors:

  • corrections officer;
  • bailiff;
  • U.S. Coast Guard;
  • court reporter or court clerk;
  • crime scene investigations;
  • computer forensics, forensic psychology or forensic science;
  • homeland security;
  • FBI, ATF, INS, DEA or customs agent;
  • paralegal or lawyer;
  • law enforcement;
  • criminologist;
  • police officer, detective or sheriff;
  • probation officer;
  • private investigator;
  • security guard;
  • probation officer; and
  • secret service

How To Find Scholarships

Criminal justice scholarships are just a few clicks away. Online resources make it easy to find criminal justice scholarships for your unique situation. Whether you are graduating high school or looking for a career change, there are criminal justice scholarships to help you handle the costs of higher education.


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